Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2019

A proper and on-time monthly wrap-up? Who am I? Just kidding, the other aspects of my life are still messy, though. Reading-wise, June was amazing and pretty chill. I think I said this in almost every monthly wrap-up post, but I’m slowly but surely, started to getting out of my reading slump. But my favorite thing from last month is how I started to blog-hopping again. Not as much, but definitely better than usual! Also, the reason why you should stick ’til the end of this post because I’m sharing my ten favorite posts around the blogosphere from last month!

what i read

Montauk by Nicola Harrison • I 👏 LOVE 👏 THIS 👏 I knew this genre is fairly a new territory to me, and therefore I don’t want this book to be the case of “it’s not the book, it’s me”. But it turns out to be one of the most enjoyable reads that I have this year! Final Rating — 4.5/5 • Trigger Warnings — Classism, emotional abuse, rape. • Full Review

I Was Born for This by Alice Oseman • After I read Radio Silence a few months ago, I immediately knew that Alice Oseman is up there when it comes to the list of my favorite author. I’m rushing to read more of her works and that’s when Rita @ Bookish Rita asked me if I’ve ever read this one. Obviously, I haven’t, and we decided to buddy read this one (((we buddy read two months after the plan but still))). But boy, oh boy, we enjoyed I Was Born for This so freaking much!!! Final Rating — 4.5/5 • Trigger Warnings — Alcoholism, anxiety, assault, depression, panic attacks, talk of the loss of loved ones, talk of suicide. • Full Review

Dead Dogs Don’t Bark by Tolu’ A. Akinyemi • A lot of these poems are full of anger and passion, I can practically imagine how strong it’d sound when it’s being read out loud. Unfortunately, pace-wise, it’s not working for me. The inconsistency caught me off guard, as in one part, the poetry was all raging with exquisite and beautifully-chosen words, but in the next one, it was a short motivational speech that happened to be rhyme. Final Rating — 2/5 • Mini Review

The Avant-Guards, Vol.1 by Carly Usdin • This is such a cute, fun and well-represented graphic novel! I especially love the using of creative layouts for the panel! I’m definitely waiting for Vol. 2! Final Rating — 4/5 • Trigger Warnings — Panic attacks. • Buddy Read — Inah @ The Bibliophile ConfessionsMini Review

Meal by Blue Delliaquanti with Soleil Ho • Another well-represented graphic novel that tries to raise awareness about entomophagy, a fairly unfamiliar subject for some people, including me. Unfortunately, the detailed explanation quickly turns into a massive info dumps and overly-technical and I just couldn’t keep up. Final Rating — 3/5 • Mini Review

Stay by Lewis Trondheim • It took me by surprise that with only nine pages in, someone was decapitated already, but really, I keep waiting and waiting and nothing happened. On the other hand, I truly appreciate the art style and it was so beautifully done! Hands down, visual-wise, one of the prettiest graphic novel that I’ve read this year. Final Rating — 2.5/5 • Trigger Warnings — Animal assault, explicit graphics. • Mini Review


around the blogosphere

Writing a book review is kinda expected from us when we decided to become a book blogger. I mean, it’s probably one of the reasons why we started our book blog in the first place, to share our thoughts about the book, am I right? Regardless, it could be really hard at some points. Last month, I discover these awesome posts that help me to ease the stressful process of writing a book review. Check them out and hopefully, it could help you too!

⇾ CW @ The Quiet Pond shared a whole of 63 prompts that you can use whenever you feel stuck when writing a book review! SIXTY-THREE. Now, I don’t think I really have any excuse to not write a review!

⇾ If you feel overwhelmed just by looking at those handful number of prompts, perhaps a how to write a review post from Hamad @ The Book Prescription is perfect for you. Sharing his own method to write a book review, I found it to be quite similar to mine!

⇾ Still related to review-making, you might want to read this fun post from Trang @ The Bookidote. The only tip is write for you and do not try to please everyone!

And now, here are some other creative and delightful posts that I enjoyed from last month!

⇾ If you ever wanted to make your own mood board, consider this step by step how-to post from Tiffany @ Read by Tiffany a read! She mentioned everything that you need to know, from the source to get legal pictures to the use of color and composition!

⇾ Kat @ Novels and Waffles shared a unique post where she mentioned her ten favorite book dedications! I never curate a list of mine for this matter, but now that I read Kat’s post, I’m more than excited to try!

⇾ If you’re anything like me and you’re obsessing over The Wicked Fox even when you haven’t read it, I can guarantee this lovely wallpaper freebie from Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads will cheer you up!

⇾ It’s story time with Kal @ Reader Voracious and she shared her childhood obsession over mermaids! Um, I can relate?!

⇾ I stumbled upon this fun, trending bookish tag from Destiny @ Howling Libraries! I mean, the fact that’s it’s July and we’re halfway through 2019 is freaking me out already, but hey, I’m going to stress out anyway, so count me in.

Your turn! How’s last month going for you?


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