16 debut authors to be watched this october 2019

Today’s post is a bit late than my usual schedule but I’m still as excited to bring you the list of my most anticipated debut releases for this month! There are a lot of debut releases this month, let me tell you. So, you can imagine how hard it is to narrow it down into these 16 titles! Regardless, I hope you find something to be added from this list to your overflowing TBR.

I Hope You Get This Message by Farah Naz Rishi
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When the news about Earth that might end in seven days spread, the paths of three high-schoolers crossed each other. Struggling with each of their own problems, getting to know one another while trying to survive the end of the world might not what they were expected to do during their last week on Earth.

Tarnished Are the Stars by Rosiee Thor
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Three strangers must overcome their differences in the game of lies and twists and work together to put an end to a deadly epidemic in this queer #OwnVoices science-fantasy novel from debut author, Rosiee Thor.

The Light at the Bottom of the World by London Shah
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At the end of the twenty-first century, life continues one thousand feet below the ocean’s surface after an asteroid hit the Earth. When her father captured by the authority with vague reasoning, Leyla McQueen realized that she will risk everything to bring her father back, including joining a deadly sub-race or getting out of London illegally and explore the wild ocean for the very first time.

Shadow Frost by Coco Ma
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Going on a demon hunt to protect her kingdom, Asterin never imagined that she will unearth a plot to assassinate herself, The Princess, instead. Asterin and her companions begin to wonder how much of their lives have been lies, especially when they realize that the center of the web of deceit might very well be themselves.

A River of Royal Blood by Amanda Joy
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A River of Royal Blood is an enthralling debut set in a lush North African inspired fantasy world that subtly but powerfully challenges our notions of power, history, and identity. 

Crier’s War by Nina Varela
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An impossible love between two girls—one human, one Made—whose romance could be the beginning of a revolution in this epic fantasy duology from debut author, Nina Varela.

The Good Luck Girls by Charlotte Nicole Davis
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Following the escape trip of five enslaved girls in their journey of finding freedom in the vicious land of Arketta, where people divided into ones with shadow and ones without one and demonic creatures and spirits wandered around.

The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansy
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In the city of Craewick, memories are the currency, citizens are divided by ability, and Gifted individuals can take memories from others through touch as they please. Trying to save her threatened mother, Etta will do whatever it takes, even if it means rejoining the rebel group she swore off in the wake of the accident years earlier and steal a map of prison created by the bloodthirsty ruler of a neighboring Realm.

Fireborne by Rosaria Munda
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When two childhood friends grow up together and the war is just over the edge, they must choose between the families they were born into or the one that they founded in each other.

Gravemaidens by Kelly Coon
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Gravemaidens is the start of a fierce fantasy duology about three maidens who are chosen for their land’s greatest honor…and one girl determined to save her sister from the grave.

The Last True Poets of the Sea by Julia Drake
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Epic, funny, and sweepingly romantic, The Last True Poets of the Sea is an astonishing debut about a missing piece of family history, weathering the storms of life, and the strength it takes to swim up from a wreck.

The Library of the Unwritten by A. J. Hackwith
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In the first book in a brilliant new fantasy series, books that aren’t finished by their authors reside in the Library of the Unwritten in Hell, and it is up to the Librarian to track down any restless characters who emerge from those unfinished stories.

Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett
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In a community that isn’t always understanding, an HIV-positive teen must navigate fear, disclosure, and radical self-acceptance when she falls in love–and lust–for the first time.

Michigan vs. the Boys by Carrie S. Allen
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Michigan Manning lives and breathes hockey and her future depends on it, but when the girl’s team dismissed due to the budget cut, she was determined to find a way to keep playing, even if it means joining the boy’s team. Facing a culture of toxic masculinity, Michigan must weigh the consequences of speaking up – even if it means putting her future on the line.

Scars Like Wings by Erin Stewart
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Relatable, heartbreaking, and real, this is a story of Ava Lee who has lost everything there is to lose: Her parents. Her best friend. Her home. Even her face. But when Ava meets a fellow survivor named Piper, she begins to feel like maybe she doesn’t have to face the nightmare alone.

The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey
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Darcy Wells has spent most of her time living in the worlds of her books. But when her only home suddenly hangs in the balance and her mother’s compulsive shopping habit pressure her even more, Asher Fleet, a former teen pilot with an unexpectedly shattered future, walks into the bookstore where she works… and straight into her heart.

Which books that you’re the most excited to read this month?


  1. So many books I had not heard about but sound absolutely amazing in this list Vinny! My priority will be Crier’s War though, because my preorder came in ♥ Once my reading slump finally decides to leave and I finish my current reads, you can be sure I’m picking up Ayla and Crier’s story! Which one of these do you think you’ll read first?


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