Blog & Life Update + Indefinite Hiatus + Giveaway Winner

I’ve been meaning to come up with this post for the looongest time ever. Everything has been chaotic and super stressful for me for the past two months, hence the reason why my blog hasn’t been at its best performance, both in quality and quantity. However, here are some quick news that I’d like to share today!

Blog + Life Update

In early December, I decided to stop my self-hosting package and moved to a free blogging platform. Things went pretty south, if you ask me. I was contemplating between Blogger and WordPress, and originally, I decided to go back to Blogger. I re-design my old blog on Blogger, prepared some new posting format and all, and even purchase a nice theme to go with it. Sadly, my old posts from WordPress won’t uploaded to Blogger. So, if you’re reading this post right now, it’s pretty obvious that I’m residing on WordPress at the moment. I’m considering to leave my old posts and start a brand new blog, but I couldn’t because life was seriously strangle my neck lately. Which brings me to the second update…

I (possibly) get a new job! YAY! And… ya girl is heading to the banking industry! YAY? (I still have no idea how I feel about this, tbh). It’s possibly because I’m currently still in the educational & on the job training program, so there’s a chance that I won’t get the actual job if I don’t pass the exams. I’ve been putting my whole energy and time to this training, hence the reason why I couldn’t update anything but scheduled blog tours.

Indefinite Hiatus

I wish I don’t have to state this but sadly, I have to take indefinite hiatus. I’ll still post occasionally, especially for scheduled blog tours from last year. I’ll also still post occasionally on The Nerd Daily (for advanced reviews and scheduled interviews) so you know where to find me!

Giveaway Winner

Without further ado, the winner of the Twitter Giveaway that I hosted last month is… Noémie @ Tempest of Books! Congratulations!

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