About the Blog

Artsy Draft is a curated lil space that I created to share my excitement about books, movies and just everything in between, really! It consist of personal thoughts, honest opinion and (hopefully!) informative stuff. Artsy Draft was originally created solely because I like to go ramble about things that I love (or I don’t really love, maybe). I mean… don’t we all?! 

Now, before anyone ask about the story behind the name of this blog, let me tell you. There’s none. Well, not really. Why artsy? Aside from my interest towards designing extra nice Pinterest-worthy graphic, I originally planned to use this blog as a platform to share my drawings. Fact: I’m not an artist. I just thought that it’s a good idea back then. Why draft? I guess it’s because I’m very OCD about the contents that I’m making, most of them end up as a draft, even when they’re 100% finished and ready to publish. Plot twist: Every post that exist in this blog, is in fact, not a draft anymore. So, there you have it. The origin of Artsy Draft.

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About the Blogger

Hi. Hello. Sawatdii khrap (I’m not Thai, I just love the language). I’m Vinny, the rightful owner of this mess. I’m currently in my 20s and pursuing my master degree in Management Science. A massive Potterhead from Hufflepuff house who haven’t re-read the book for over five years (the nerve!).I used to be an avid reader since the moment I realized I could read. I ruined my eyes because of it (no regret!). My interest towards lit has been growing since then. Hence, I started writing when I was in elementary school, and luckily got one of my short story published in local newspaper (ah, good times!). Getting older, my interest shifted towards other media. I binge-watched Lizzie McGuire and I want myself a bestie like Miranda and I was crushing hard over Gordo.

These past years, I tried to do both reading and watching, though it’s almost impossible with how stressful college can be. However, I missed my old self who used to write a lot and this is my attempt to write more instead of doing endless scrolling over my Instagram’s explore tab (I still do some scrolling, actually, ugh).

And really, that’s it. I’m not sure how to end this, so… thanks for coming to my TED Talk!

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