Review Policy + Request

Hey there! If you’re an author or publisher who would like your book to be reviewed on Artsy Draft or a request for collaboration on blog tour, author interview or guest post, then please keep on reading!

Review Policy

I receive no monetary compensation for any reviews I’ve written in this blog. All opinions on this blog are my own and I received free books in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. This does not affect my reviews in any way and I don’t guarantee a 5 stars rating. All of my reviews are spoiler-free, unless otherwise stated at the beginning of the post.   The full review will be posted on the blog along with bits of mini review on social media (including Goodreads) linked back to the original full review. Time estimation for the review to be published is no longer than two weeks after I received the books.

Review Request

I currently accepting review request! Just shoot me an e-mail and I will respond it within 24 hours. However, I have my own preference when it comes to genres and book format.   I’m trying to be as open minded as I can with genres. But, my preferences in ranked order are:

  • Everything young adult
  • Everything new adult
  • Crime & thriller
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Sci-fi & fantasy

As in for book format, I prefer physical copy, but I’m open for digital copy as well (.epub, .mobi or .pdf).  

Rating System

I’m usually generous when it comes to ratings, but it somehow looks like this:

★★★★★: A true masterpiece! Definitely added to all time favorites!
★★★★: Outstanding! Loved almost every aspects about the book!
★★★: Good read! It had flaws here and there, but it’s forgivable.
★★: Okay-ish? Definitely needed an effort to finish it, though.
★: Sorry, it’s just not my cup of tea.

If you already read and fully understand my review policy, you can shoot me an e-mail including details about your book and any links to be included in the review post to!