Monthly Wrap-Up: April 2019

Hi, everyone. First of all, I’m completely aware that we’re already in mid-May and it’s probably a bit too late to post a wrap-up. And second of all, I hesitated to write this post because I’ve been in the longest reading slump since March and I’m not proud of my readings from these past few weeks. But, I gotta say I did a pretty good job with my blog posts, especially last month (eh… hopefully?). 

Blog Posts

As for reviews, I posted one (first chapter) book review and one movie review last month. I participated in a massive blog tour with other 100+ bloggers which hosted by Dave @ The Write Reads for After the Green Withered by Kristin Ward. I also posted a review for Us (2019), one of my most anticipated movies for this year, especially since I’m a big fan of Get Out (2017). 

I’m also really excited about a new feature that I started last month, called Debut District. This feature is an appreciation towards debut authors and debut releases through fun, varied posts like interview, book blitz, listopia, review, and other related content. Last month, I published three posts for this feature and I feel quite proud because it’s also my first author interviews with as well!

As for other misc posts, such as memes, reading and watching updates, I post a few of those too. 

And last month was also quite special because one of my posts got featured as #blogoftheday on The Write Reads

Book Haul

I’ve been drowning in ARCs since March and it’s the main reason why I’m trying my best to control myself to not over-request last month. But, I’m glad to welcome these four books to my TBR, especially because they will be published over the next few months. Even one of them will be published next year! 

Read & Watched

Like I previously said, I’ve been in reading slump for a couple of months now, hence the reason why I read almost nothing last month. I tried to spark the excitement by reading tons of manga, but when it’s time to pick up a heavier book, I’m back to my slumping-mode, yet again. Sigh. But anyway, here are the two books that I finished in late March / early April along with a few of favorite manga from last month.

Things are probably a bit better with my watching. I watched a couple of movies and aside from Game of Thrones, I found my new favorite show, which is a Korean reality show called Korean Hostel in Spain! Surprise, surprise. This is completely new territory for me because I don’t even watch K-drama before. I think I’ll make another post about the show once it’s finished (?). I’m not sure yet, but I only watched a few first episodes of it and I’m already hooked!

Your turn! How’s last month going for you?